June 2019 Blog

This week in little owls we enjoyed a lovely Forest Schools session with Mrs Hockings. We toasted marshmallows on the fire and Mrs Hockings boiled the kettle so we could all have hot chocolate

Today in forest school little owls were making tents and dens. The children helped Mrs Hockings to construct the shelter and we all enjoyed sitting in our den and we had a nice snack.
The children are so interested in seeing the caterpillars grow. They have named the caterpillars, Archie, Poppy, Mr Speed, Rainbow butterfly and Thomas. 

The children have been listening to the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears, they have enjoyed making bear puppets, playing with porridge and enjoying eating porridge for snack. Lots of " who has been eating my porridge" could be heard. 

The children acted out the story making shadows with the shadow puppets.