Autumn 2019 Class Blog

Last week, the year 6 children attended a Junior Life Skills course where they took part in workshops linked to making emergency calls, water safety, recycling, online safety, resuscitation, electricity safety and fire awareness. The afternoon ended with a fire demonstration to witness what would happen if you poured water into a burning pan of oil. 
Eagles learnt about chord progression and used major chords to improvise on glockenspiels and xylophones to a drum beat. The short pieces they created were great and really varied!
Eagles completed their wooden picture frames this week as part of a DT project. They designed and created their projects from reclaimed wood and the results were very impressive! The children developed their skills of taking accurate measurements, sawing 45 degree cuts, attaching screws, gluing, clamping, hammering nails and sanding. The class were very sensible using the tools and took great pride over their work.