Climate change science lesson

18th November 2021

Yesterday morning all our children took the opportunity to discus climate change in an additional science morning.  This was in response to the children's interest in and engagement with COP26.

In Eagles class they produced leaf pledges to the future of our planet. We discussed the causes of climate change and pollution from various sources and then considered our own impact on the planet. We wrote our promises on leaves to state our intentions to do our bit, however small, to contribute positively towards the future. The children also discussed issues surrounding food shortages, deforestation and electric vehicles.

In Kestrels we discussed the importance of being sustainable- what we currently do to help the planet and what we could do to be even more sustainable. Elliot said, "We can be more sustainable by growing our own food and walking to places that are only a short distance away." We also discussed how we can look after the world we live in and why it is so important to think about our actions. Caleb said, "We need to recycle as much as we can as all of everyone's rubbish used to just go to landfill which is bad for the planet."  We created our own sustainable football team and thought of a team name, some sustainable stadium policies and made up a fan chant. We then designed a team logo and kit.

In Falcons we undertook a Lego challenge to create and build a vehicle for the future.  Our ingenious designs included vehicles that hoovered as the travelled and one powered by a windmill.

In Owls we explored temperature by creating a hibernation space for one "bear" , whilst leaving our other "bear" to hibernate in the classroom.

Thank you to Mrs Lunt for organising a morning that allowed us all to explore an issue that is very important to us.