March 2021

Kestrels have been busy learning all about seeds, where they come from, what they need to grow and how the different mechanisms of dispersal. They have really enjoyed journaling their experiences and have produced some fantastic recordings of their learning.
Kestrels started their new Science topic this week on Sound. It was a rather noisy lesson as the children investigated how sound is created from vibrations. There were some real wow moments when they used the tuning fork vibrations to create a splash in a mug of water.
Kestrels had their first opportunity to practise their oracy skills this week back in class. In talk partners they took on the roles of instigator and builder. During their first attempt they all felt nervous and self-conscious but on their second go found they felt much more confident and were able to play "conversation tennis" with their partner. We have a set of talk rules we have created called LAWS (Listen, Add to the conversation, Wait  you turn and Stay on topic). They are really looking forward to their next session.