November 2020 Blog

This week in Nursery we have been thinking about how we move. We have balanced on the balance beam, stepped through the tyres and played lots of throwing and catching games.
Next week we will be making poppies and exploring the colour red.
This week in Little Owls we have been finding different ways to practice our scissor skills. We all enjoyed snipping through the jelly; the lovely smell of strawberry jelly made the activity even more wonderful!
We also had a great afternoon up in the Forest School area.  We found lots of twigs and sticks and made clay hedgehogs. We all enjoyed a lovely warm hot chocolate afterwards to warm us up. 
Preschool are really enjoying cooking this term!
This week we made some yummy, hedgehog shaped, bread rolls. The children helped to mix the ingredients and roll their piece of dough. Then we had to wait for the rolls to grow bigger. Miss Jones helped us snip the dough to make hedgehog spikes and we used raisins to make their eyes and nose.