September 2020

Little Owls have been exploring a new texture -shaving foam. The children made shaving foam cupcakes by scooping up the foam and flicking it into the cases. Then they decorated them with glitter and sequins. Some of the children set up a building site. They had spirit levels, saw and a spanner. They decided to build a house with a tall chimney.
This week the Nursey children have been busy. They are enjoying lunchtimes and getting used to the lunchtime routine. While they eat their yummy school dinners and pack lunches, the children are encouraged to talk to their friends and see the older children in their Bubble.
They have been exploring bugs and natural objects, using magnifying glasses to find small play bugs in the natural resources. They have also been learning how to use pipettes. The children had to learn when to squeeze the pipette and when to let go.