September 2020 Blog

Eagles continued to explore the song, "Dancing In The Street". We learnt about breathing techniques and vocal warm-ups for singing the song and then we practised playing glockenspiels and xylophones along to the music in the key of F. It was very impressive how 'in-time' the class were when all playing together.
Eagles practised using an effective golf grip and stance to improve the accuracy of their shots. They worked in groups to create golf holes with hazards and competed to achieve the lowest score. The golf hole designs were very creative!
Eagles class have been investigating dissolving in science. We discussed soluble and insoluble substances and tested them using both cold and warm water. The results and observations were clearly recorded in tables in their books and we learnt how certain substances affect particles in solids to form solutions.
Ask your child what the terms soluble and insoluble mean and they should also be able to give you examples.