September 2020 Blog

Kestrels started their new Science topic this week on rocks and soils. In our first lesson, we investigated a range of different rocks and made observations and drawings of them. We also shared what we already knew about rocks and it turns out we have a few experts in the class! We also investigated a rock called pumice, ask your children to explain why the pumice floated and the other rock sank.
Yesterday Kestrels really enjoyed discovering lots of interesting facts about their new topic. They also looked at some of the symbols created in Stone Age time that have been discovered and thought about what these messages from the past might be. They tried to work out what they thought the symbols might have stood for. Ask your child what they thought each symbol might mean.
The Kestrels have completed their first Big Write of the year based around the book 13 Words. The text, by Lemony Snicket, provided an excellent opportunity for the children to explore some interesting vocabulary and then follow this up by using some of their own in their own version '8 Words'. Here 2 members of the class share their excellent writing.