Spring term 2020 Blog

Science Week
Eagles have had a busy week, filled with Science investigations and experiments. We learnt how to create a circuit using different components and discovered that for a circuit to work it must include a battery (cell) but can also contain other electrical components, such as, buzzers, motors and bulbs. We worked in groups to create our own game, which needed to include at least one working circuit.
In Eagles, we also took part in the ‘Squashed Tomato Challenge’ as part of science week. We discovered that in Nepal, crops are often grown on the tops of mountains. However, for them to be sold at the markets they need to be transported down the mountains, without being damaged. Each group was presented with a tomato and were given the challenge of creating a model that would be able to transport tomatoes down a mountainside without getting squashed. The tomato had to travel at least one metre across the classroom, without it touching the floor or being held. The children enjoyed being creative with their ideas and loved experimenting with different materials to see which would work best when trying to create a successful model.
Eagles Class visited Piety Mosque in Plymouth this week following a term learning about Islam in RE. It was a fascinating trip with lots of opportunities to ask questions and learn about the 6 Articles of Faith and the 5 Pillars of Islam. We also had the chance to hear the call to prayer and sit in on a prayers session. Thank you to their Imam, Bakari, for being our guide.
Eagles enjoyed a visit from local STEM ambassador, Jessica Jones, who delivered an inspirational session on nuclear science and nuclear submarines. The children loved engaging in activities on the hazards found around Navy docs and were all excited to learn facts about submarine Navy life.