Spring term 2020 Blog

Falcons had an exciting little visitor on Tuesday morning when Mrs Wintle brought a hedgehog to meet the children! He was carefully passed around and we got to look at him closely, discuss his food and ask what he needed to stay healthy. We then watched him being weighed and let him walk around on the fleece which the children loved to see! He seemed quite at home in Falcon class and even tried to sneak under Miss Bradshaw's desk!
Falcon class began their Science week activities today by creating a gallery of humans to compare different people and realise that every person is unique! Children got into pairs to draw around each other as accurately as possible. The pairs then used mirrors and observations of each other to fill in the details including clothing, hair, nails, eye colour and freckles. We made a human gallery and discussed the differences between each pair. Children compared hand length, leg and arm length and eye colour and were able to tell what made them different from their partner. Falcons worked brilliantly on this task and noticed lots of details about their partners.
Falcons have been lucky enough to win a kit from 'grow your own potatoes' so, after leaving them to sprout or 'chit' for 2 weeks, today was planting day! We sorted them into regional and national varieties, filled grow bags with compost and placed them in carefully with the sprouts facing upwards. We will check on them daily to see when we need to add more compost and will choose some watering monitors to make sure they stay hydrated.