Summer 2020 Blog

In Kestrels this week we set up an experiment to see which conditions will affect the growth of our tomato plants. Some children decided to put them in the cupboard in the dark, while others were placed outside, on the window sill or even in a plastic bag. On Thursday, while it was raining outside, we did an energetic work out to Joe Wicks.
The children in Kestrel class have been busy making clay figures this week as part of an art topic on insects. We learnt about insect structure and the children were fascinated to find out about insect camouflage and mimicry.
Kestrels had a plant mystery this week, When we got our tomato plants out from the cupboard to measure, the children found they were much bigger than they expected. Can you guess why that might be? We also carried on with our art theme on insects and created some insect mosaics.