Summer 2020 Blog

Falcons harvested their potatoes today and made an exciting discovery. Emily and Hattie said "We found some caterpillar eggs and two baby caterpillars! We gently picked them up and put them in a container with a shiny lid so they don't escape. We are going to keep them to watch what happens. We found lots of potatoes and some insects and two pet snails who we named Bobsoes and Bob."
These are some of the things we've been doing this week. We've done some paintings using wax crayons and watercolours to create sea life pictures. Falcons have made a brilliant display for our 'Under the Sea' topic and Hattie decorated the outside of the classroom because we have started to clear the weeds and give the balcony area a facelift.
Falcon class had a special treat on Wednesday afternoon in the forest school area. We built a campfire and enjoyed hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows!