Falcons Class Introduction

Welcome to Falcons
Year 1/2 Falcons is our newest class taught by Mrs Bradshaw, supported by Mrs Life. This is where the children begin Key Stage One. The classroom is equipped with computers, an Interactive Whiteboard, an i Pad, Bee-Bots and Probots. Falcons classroom is a light and airy learning environment. It leads out onto an outside balcony area which the children and parents have planted with scented herbs and shrubs. The children use the outside area as an extension of their classroom for outdoor learning.
Falcon class had a discussion about teamwork and then used their skills to build a tower using only 3 a4 sheets of paper and tape. The children got quite competitive to see who could make the tallest tower! The children discovered the base was very important and came up with some interesting ways to make sure their towers were secure.