April 2023

In the last week of term Kestrels completed their DT project creating some fabulous cushions. In the final lesson, the children joined the two fabric halves together with running stitch and stuffed with the cushion wadding. Finally, they sewed up the remaining seam and the project was complete. This has been a new skill for many of the children and one they have really enjoyed as a class.
The Science lesson this week was all about misconception busting and working out which things were light sources and which things weren’t. The children had an oracy debate and had to back up their reasons why they believed their idea to be true. They used evidence from everyday life to create their reasoning, some of the misconceptions were strongly held, particularly they one about cat's eyes being a light source.They also recalled what darkness was, remembering their trip to Kent’s Caverns where they experienced complete darkness in the caves during the Autumn term.