February 2023

The Little Owls have been thinking about where our food comes from and who helps to get it there.  This led to lots of farmyard based play.  We made animal footprints which soon led to colour mixing and exploration.  We also talked about healthy eating, explored new tastes and developed our fine motor skills by making fruit kebabs.
This week the Little Owls have been exploring capacity through a range of activities.  We talked about full, empty and half full/empty. 
The Little Owls noticed that the trains could stick together to make a longer train.  Some of the children knew that this was because the trains “have magnets”.  We explored magnets a bit further.  We found that some objects like paper clips seem to jump onto the magnets and that the magnet could make them move underneath the tray.  We had a lot of fun when we noticed that sometimes the magnets would pull the train towards it but that it would push the trains away!  We tried to have a race pushing the trains across the table with the magnets.  We explored the room to find other objects the magnets could stick to.  Some children noticed that objects made from “plastic” were not attracted to the magnet but some (not all!) metal objects were.