Immersive History Week

This week, Valerie and the Time Team have kindly led 'Immersive History' sessions with all classes. Eagles have been learning about Harbertonford 100 years ago and used many historical artefacts, games, drama and songs to enhance their learning. This ranged from using ink pots and pens to practice calligraphy, using old-fashioned kitchen utensils to grate and grind food and also washing clothes manually. The children were very engaged and learnt a lot. Thank you Valerie and the Time Team!   
We had an amazing afternoon trialling our Living Museum as part of our immersive history week.  All the children are now qualified tour guides and can't wait to show you around tomorrow!  Gates open at 2pm.
Wow- what an amazing event our Living Museum turned out to be!  Thank you to Valerie and the Time Team and to all the parents, careers and family who came along to enjoy Harbertonford's tour guides to the last 100 years in our village.  It was lovely to hear our visitors positive comments on their experiences.