January 2023

As part of our fantastic science experience day with Wonderstruck, Eagles class created fan-powered cars. The aim was to build the fastest car across a distance in the hall. The children altered the wheel sizes, wheel thicknesses, propellor size/shape, number of batteries and wheel position to find the fastest combination by improving their design accordingly. Eagles class had a time trial competition in the hall and their fastest cars then competed against the fastest cars in Kestrels class. The children learnt about taking multiple readings for a fair test and Newtons 3rd law of every action (force) has an equal and opposite reaction. A great afternoon!
Eagles had their cooking session with Miss Harris.  Their challenge this term was to follow a recipe.  Each group was given all the ingredients they needed and a copy of the recipe for cheese wheels.  They had to work together to follow each step, taking account of things like the thickness of the pastry required and using the correct amount of filling to ensure that they could roll and seal their mixture, before cutting it into equal sections.  The children really enjoyed the end results!
Eagles were improvising on glockenspiels today. We practised improvisation using only 3 notes in a ‘call and response’ activity and then created improvised musical pieces using 7 given notes. Two children kept the pulse of the piece consistent by playing a drum and counting groups in until we were playing together as a whole class.