January 2023

In this week's PE lesson, we investigated different ways to move our bodies, whether this be on travelling along or close to the ground. We experimented with exaggerated walks and practised isolating just the top half of our bodies whilst using arm circling techniques.
The children also had the chance to make a simple 3 piece dance routine.
In this lesson we carried out a comparative test to investigate how toy cars moved on different surfaces and discovered the move uneven the surface, the greater the friction.
Children discussed how they come across friction in their everyday lives and lots of them talked about their experiences of drop slides, and we discussed how the friction here is enough to create a burn in clothing or skin. 
Children also related their ideas of friction to bikes and to the grip of lack of grip on their shoes. 
In art this afternoon, children responded to a clip showing a volcanic eruption. They described what they observed using some excellent vocabulary which included vast, rapid, extreme and indestructible.
Volcanoes are the new Kestrels topic, so this was a great first immersion task.