July 2022

In maths recently, we have completed a Theme Park project. In groups, we designed our own Theme Park then used a spreadsheet to calculate profit and loss over a month. We then 'marketed' our theme park to the class and received further income, depending on the rating achieved from our marketing. We then used Excel to create online spreadsheets and a graph showing our profit. 
Eagles Class enjoyed interactive sessions with music specialist, Kip Pratt, today. The focus this time was how to effectively listen to music. The children responded to various genres of music through art, Lego, writing and dance. We then discussed the instruments and features of the songs which led to our responses. Thank you Kip for a great afternoon!
We learnt about Pollution for our Global Citizen's Day this term. The children found out about the lengths of time plastic takes to decompose in the ocean. Linked to this, we read articles about the 28,000 ducks which went overboard from a container ship in 1992 and travelled all over the world on ocean tides and currents. The children were given the task to produce a response to the question, "Does plastic disappear in the ocean?". In maths, we learnt about the millions of Lego pieces that also fell overboard from a container ship and continue to land on beaches in Cornwall. The children created mathematical questions and word problems linked to that data of Lego pieces in the ocean. In the afternoon, we re-used plastic which would typically be single use to create innovative art pieces.