March 2023

Eagles have been exploring longitude and latitude in topic this week! Recapping their knowledge of continents, and building on their knowledge of the equator and the hemispheres.
Eagles class explored improvisation in music this week. We listened to the Erie Canal song and discussed the lyrics and meaning of the song. We then used a variety of percussion instruments, keyboards and glockenspiels to improvise in groups and as a whole class performance. The children played creatively and sensibly and it sounded great!
As part of their RE work this term, Eagles learnt that a martyr is someone who is willing to die for their faith or belief.  They discussed some of the early martyrs who had actually known Jesus and then investigated some of the modern martyrs who are commemorated above Westminster Abbey's Great West door. https://www.westminster-abbey.org/about-the-abbey/history/modern-martyrs
Eagles were very excited for the Handball tournament and have been refining their skills ready for the competition on Friday!