March 2023

We've been investigating length and we went outside to find our own things to put in order. We talked about what we did and what our thoughts were when we were working it out. The children took their own photos 
We've been learning about pairs of numbers, we looked at pairs of legs on minibeasts. We talked about how minibeasts have the same number of legs on either side, we went out on a bug hunt to see if this was true...it was! We saw a bee, a fly and a spider, so we worked out how many legs on either side.
We have been investigating the question, ‘how many marbles can my boat hold?’ We made predictions and tested out our boats.
We planted cress, and we talked about the changes we noticed over time. We noticed that there was more green, there were white bits shooting out of the bottom of the cotton wool and we also noticed that some of the seeds didn’t grow.