March 2023

Kestrels explored the story of Holy Week through drama.  After reminding themselves of the events of each day, they worked in groups to create freeze frames from the day.  They thought about how the characters in their freeze frames would have felt and plan to use this to write diary entries next week.
In DT this week, we had some further practise of sewing, using a running stitch and a cross stitch. We created some guides to help us keep the stitches the same size and width apart. We are learning so many skills in this unit, threading a needle, tying knots, and the sewing itself. We are very excited to put this into practise when we make our cushions. 
Kestrels read: No Difference Between Us by Jayneen Sanders.  We explored the idea that our similarities make us human; our differences make us unique.

With our partners, we explored similarities and differences in our talents, feelings, interests, hobbies, hopes and aspirations.
In PE this week, children learnt how to put together the handball goals in preparation for game play. They had to work in teams to do this, practising their communication skills. Ready for action, they rehearsed some attacking skill before moving to game play. 

During Science week, Kestrels focused on the theme of  'connections' thinking about how our brains connect us to the world. We investigated the structure of our brain, listened to a neuroscientist explain that there are different parts and modelled a neuron out of clay. We also discovered that we have a left and right side of our brains and tested ourselves with a mirror writing challenge.

We also had the opportunity to participate in a forces live lesson from the BBC, which extended our thinking around forces.