May 2023

In our Science lesson this week, we investigated materials for their reflective properties. We set up a comparative test and using torches checked which materials gave the best reflections. We discovered that the best reflective materials were smooth and shiny.
In Computing this half term, Kestrels have been learning all about using Scratch to modify and creat computer code, which culminated in them designing their own Scratch games. Here Reuben is showing us how his game works and Clemmie, Hattie and Toby are hard at work creating their games.
For World Explorer Day, Kestrels learned all about German classical composers, created some art inspired by the pieces we listened to and the German landscape, had a go at planning a holiday in Germany for sports or history enthusiasts, and learned about the kind of animals that live in Germany. We also travelled to the three biggest cities in Germany and learned a little about them on our journeys!"
Miss Deeny was particularly impressed with Floss and Mylo's HUGE Germany fact leaflets - the leaflets were bigger than them!