November 2022

The children of Eagles Class have been learning the 'Kookaburra' song on xylophones in preparation of playing the short piece to the rest of the school next week. The children followed notation to learn the song one line at a time.
Eagles Class have been learning how to interpret an OS map in their Topic lesson this wek. The children used the maps to locate their homes and then identify the symbols shown on a map in Harbertonford. We then used maps of Europe to identify the geographical area of the Nazi Empire during WW2. We compared this to the Roman and British Empires on world maps.
Eagles enjoyed a fascinating trip to RAF Harrowbeer and learnt about many aspects of WW2. The morning was spent exploring rationing, WW2 planes, bomb shelters, airborne lifeboats, morse code, WW2 vehicles and more. We then explored the areas of the old airstrips in the afternoon. The children were all a credit to the school with their attentive listening, interesting questions and overall enthusiasm. Thank you to Michael at RAF Harrowbeer and his team of volunteers.