November 2022

Kestrels had a great day out to Kent's Cavern prehistoric caves in Torquay. We learnt about the amazing prehistoric animals that used to live in Devon, such as cave lions and woolly mammoths. We got a chance to handle some real and replica artefacts such as skulls, hand axes and arrows.

We then had a fantastic tour of the caves, learning more fascinating facts about the animals and different species of humans who lived in them in the stone age, as well as about the formation of the incredible stalactites and stalagmites that are still growing bigger today.

After lunch we went on a woodland trail, finding clues about Stone Age clothing, food, shelter, tools and weapons.

In this week's DT lesson, the children looked at a range of carts from history, including reconstructed prehistoric carts and discussed what they might have been used for and how the constructions were similar or different. They compared these to early cars. The next stage was to construct the chassis of their own carts, and having seen a prototype, they followed a step by step process to construct the chassis, axels and wheels. They were very excited to try out their sling shot carts in the hall.
Today's gymnastics lesson was all about travelling, and we explored ways of travelling from one end of the mats to the other. We progressed by practising difference types of rolls, including log rolls, egg rolls and even rock and rolls. Finally, we created a sequence incorporating different types of travelling both in unison and canon.