October 2022

This week in Little Owls we have started to talk about Autumn and the leaves changing colour. We made some autumn leaf pictures.  We used leaf shapes made from tissue paper and stuck the leaves onto the paper using water and paint brushes. When the leaves are dry, we will peel off the tissue paper and hopefully have lots of pretty autumn leaf patterns.
This week in little owls we went for a walk in the school grounds for our Tuesday Trek. We collected some sticks and leaves and brought them back to class. The next day, we used the natural materials we had collected and made clay faces with some clay.
This week in little owls we have been learning about our teeth and the importance of brushing our teeth everyday. We enjoyed lots of activities using toothbrushes. We painted with toothbrushes and put toothbrushes in the water play with the toy wild animals. The children enjoyed brushing the animals teeth!