October 2022

Eagles class continued their learning on their 'Properties of Materials' science unit today by exploring magnetism. The children learnt scientific vocabulary linked to magnetism and then wrote their own definitions. The children then worked in groups to investigate which materials in our classroom were magnetic and observed how objects responded to being within a magnetic field. 
The children of Eagles class used block coding to programme Minecraft characters to complete short tasks. We discussed 'debugging' and used this skill to identify and correct any errors in the code when it wasn't completing tasks successfully.
Eagles home learning this week was to create a filter for our science investigation into filtering muddy water. We learnt how this science can improve lives around the world for those who do not have such easy access to clean water as ourselves. The children poured muddy water through their filters to observe what happens. Some of the materials used were clearly more effective than others at filtering out particles of soil. Some groups of children then repeated the filtering process with improved filters by combining materials and this produced even clearer water.