September 2022

The Kestrels had a very busy first day back. This morning we created our class promise and thought about goals we want to achieve over the next year. In art this afternoon, we began exploring charcoal and made some handprints learning about the techniques prehistoric man used. We also started reading our new class book, Ada Twist.
After recapping how the three main rock types were formed, we used our evidence to discuss which would be the best rock to create a skate park. Children used their oracy skills to build on each other's ideas. They then responded on paper and made a decision based on the evidence they had about the different rock types. The most popular rock chosen was granite due to its low permeability and hardness, although they did agree it would be really hard to work with.
In today's art lesson we discovered our focus artist Laura McKendry who lives and works in London. She takes her inspiration from nature – plants, animals, insects. We watched a video showing Laura sharing why she likes drawing dogs, and why she likes using charcoal to help her make big gestural drawing. We focused in on how she does her drawing and thought about where she moves from when she draws? Her wrist? Her elbow? Her shoulder? Her whole body? The children loved her dog pictures and using charcoal created some of their own versions.