World Explorer Day - Australia.

Our World Explorer Day took us to Australia today! Eagles learnt about the location, size and population of Australia and compared this to the UK. We were very fortunate to have Jossi's Uncle Johnny kindly visit the school to help the children learn more about Australia, as he lives in Alice Springs. It was fascinating hearing about Aboriginal culture and his many interesting experiences and sightings in the country.
The children also learnt about famous landmarks, including Uluru and the Sydney Opera House, as well as discovering more about the Great Barrier Reef. Some children created presentations or drawings of their Australia learning, including the wildlife, national flag and climate. It has been a great day!  
Owls looked at where Australia was on a map compared to the UK. We had a visitor tell us about living in the middle of Australia and how the countryside has red mountains and not much rain and how different it is to living here. We looked at some dot paintings and aboriginal examples of this style of art. We had a go at imitating this style.