World Explorer Day - Mexico

We had a great time visiting Mexico today!
Eagles class researched landscape, climate, landmarks, population etc to create a profile on Mexico.  They also learnt about the Day of the Dead festival and then created their own skull masks.  The children used atlases to locate major cities and seas in and around Mexico. The class also completed a Kahoot quiz on Mexico- (thank you for creating that Ms Sherwood).
Kestrels made PowerPoints after doing their own research about the wildlife, landscape, climate, food, language and history of Mexico.  They made their own guacamole and had a Mexican feast with Mexican music.
Falcons learnt about a traditional Mexican Christmas, designed their own sombreros and produced their versions of the Mexican flag on Paintz whilst listening to Mexican music.  They also had a go at the Mexican hat dance.
Owls learned about the flag of Mexico, as well as the name of the Capital.
We looked at maps of the country and compared google images to images of the UK. We also looked at a popular celebration 'Day of the Dead' and we were decorated sugar skulls to remember people (and animals) that are no longer with us.
Little Owls explored Mexican music and culture.