Music Day!

29th March 2022
Kip visited today to run singing workshops with all the classes.
In Kestrels, the first song Kip taught us was called 24 Robbers which the children learnt off by heart and were able to sing as class with actions. They then leant a slow and gentle Ghanaian song accompanied by Kip on the ukulele and their singing was beautiful and very clear even though it was in another language. For our third song we learnt a sea shanty. They discovered it was a song sailors would sing to relax and help pass the time on long voyages. It also helped them with their work, creating a rhythm to do their chores to. They had great fun adding dance moves to the song. At the session the children were really buzzing, we love having Kip to visit!
Thank you to the PTFA for funding the day.  In the words of one child, "It was epic!"