May 2022

This week the Little Owls have been listening to ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.  The children have developed their story language and can remember key parts of the story.  We had a go at some string painting to make butterflies. We also worked as a team whilst  developing our fine motor skills, using tissue paper to decorate a butterfly together.
This week the Little Owls have been listening to the story of ‘the Gingerbread Man’.  We did an experiment where we placed gingerbread men in oil, water, milk and vinegar.  We made predictions about what we thought would happen to the gingerbread men.  Some thought they might melt, get wet or even explode.  We then drew conclusions from the results and chose which liquid was the quickest at dissolving the gingerbread men.
The Little Owls were fortunate enough to spend some time with our school cook Miss Harris who helped us make some gingerbread.  We mixed the caramel with cinnamon, ginger, baking powder and flour.  It was hard work!  Then we rolled out the dough and used cutters to make our biscuits.