School Life group

All parents want their children to be engaged and happy at school and connected with their community.    

The School Life Group provides a forum for debate and discussion, strengthens and develops the School’s engagement with the community and parents and helps to improve the environment and experience for the children in the school. 

The School Life group has a parent representative from each class, as well as representatives from the community and the Church, and meets once a half term (on the 2nd Monday after term starts).  It is intended to bring a parent and community voice into school.  It provides the opportunity and forum for matters to be brought to the Academy Head and to governors where appropriate. It is also a group that can discuss school projects in an operational sense. The remit of the School Committee is also as an ethos group to support the Christian identity of the school and for the church to have a voice.  Parent representatives are linked to a class but any of the Group are happy to represent any our parents and make themselves and their contact details known to other parents in the school. 

Current Representatives are: 

Anne Burns (Academy Head) 

Cat Radford (Governor) 

Ann Potter (Community) 

Rev David Sayle (Church) 

Georgina Grimshaw (Eagles) 

Helen Camp (Kestrels) 

Emily Cotton (Falcons) 

Lucy Robbie (Owls) 

Emma Nutt (Little Owls)  

The School Life Group discussions will follow this timetable:   


Autumn 1 

Autumn  2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 

Our School Vision – How is this lived out through these 6 areas? How is it promoted by leadership? 

Wisdom, Knowledge and skills – (meeting academic and spiritual needs) 

The impact of Collective Worship 


Community and living well together (relationships, behaviour and mental health) 


The effectiveness of Religious Education 


Character development: Hope, Courageous Adversary, Aspiration (moral development and social action) 


Dignity and Respect (valuing all) 

  • What is our school’s provision in this area and how does it make a difference? 

  • What is the impact on the pupils? How do we know it is working?  


If you have a comment or issue you would like raised, you are invited to contact a representative prior the next meeting, who will raise it on your behalf. 

A summary of each meeting will be included in the school newsletter and a brief verbal brief report is given at Governor meetings. 

Key Documents: