May 2024

Eagles class were victorious in the recent inter-school football tournament, competing against four other local schools. One of our girls teams were unbeaten and finished top of the league, closely followed by our other girls team who finished in second place. The boys finished third in their league too. A wonderful show of skill, respect and teamwork by all of the players! Thank you again to Mr Tanner for organising such a successful tournament. 
Eagles class are learning about life cycles this term. We have learnt about the life cycle of mammals and amphibians but today focused on the life cycle and reproductive parts of plants. We collected flowers from the school grounds and drew them with its parts labelled.
Well done all our fantastic Eagles children who spent the last week completing tests. They celebrated in the sun on Thursday afternoon with a picnic and free time on the field. Our Year 6 children also received their leavers' hoodies. Thank you to https://www.perfectlittledesigns.co.uk/