May 2024

Kestrels this week have been getting stuck into Tae Kwando. We have been using the pads to help us practicing blocking this week, using our forearms to deflect.  We have also been finishing our sessions by showing each other respect, this involves bowing to one another. 
This week the children have had the opportunity to play football against other Link Academy schools in our local area. Harbertonford did extremely well and came 2nd and 3rd overall! All the children played fantastically and came away with huge smiles on their faces! Well done Kestrels! 
Kestrel's this week have had another wonderful week! In Science we have been looking at habitats and how they can improve the habitats around the school. They have come up with some wonderful ideas including ponds, orchards and wildflower beds. Keep up the great work Kestrels!