January 2024

Welcome back Kestrels! The class started their new English sequence this week, The Beasties, and really enjoyed the story. They spent the first day becoming familiar with the plot and learnt lots of new vocab associated with the story. In Maths, we continued our multiplication and division journey and started practising the 9 times tables.
In Kestrels we have had our first PE session with Mr Pierce. We started to learn about volleyball and had a fantastic time learning how to dig and playing lots of games to help with our ball control skills - it was great fun!
This week, the children were introduced to volley ball in their PE lesson. We had lots of fun experimenting with ways to keep the ball off the ground before learning how to dig. We discovered that the hands aren't used for this shot but rather the forearms and we had lots of practise trying direct our digs to the members of our group.
In Maths Kestrels have been learning about negative numbers. We put our skills into practice with an investigation called Sea Level where we had to use our knowledge of negative numbers to work out where each sea creature was and how far apart they were, all using negative numbers. We really enjoyed having the opportunity to tackle our Maths in a new way and use our Maths skills for something a bit different!
Kestrels are enjoying their new art topic on shape and colour. They began the unit looking closely at Henri Matisse's cutouts, deciding which patterns and shapes stood out to them. From this, they created shapes and patterns of their own designs, using a choice of materials to add colour.