November 2023

This week in Kestrels we enjoyed a Spanish afternoon! We did lots of Spanish learning, including songs and games to help us learn the body parts in Spanish, and then we had a Spanish party where we enjoyed some Spanish inspired treats as a reward for all our hard work! ¡Muy delicioso!
We used our knowledge of conductors and insulators this week to investigate how switches can be used to control a circuit . We then set about making some of our own. The designs varied greatly, some children were adventurous and made rotating switches.
In RE this week, Kestrels learned the story of how Moses freed the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt. We thought about why the story was known as Exodus, and we showed the story through freeze frames before writing it up in our books! 
In Kestrels this week, we started to learn about chronological order, which is the order in which things happen according to time. We looked at a variety of different historical events, some which linked to our Roman topic and some which didn't and we created big timelines on our tables to show where each time period came!