October 2023

This week we had our first PE lesson in the hall with Mr Passenger and the ‘big’ owls!  We moved in a variety of ways: stomped like an elephant, walked like a kangaroo and moved sideways like a crab.  We listened carefully to instructions and were amazing at ‘freezing’ when we had to stop!
We made fruit kebabs for this week!  We had already talked about our favourite fruits over the previous weeks so we made sure we had some mango, apples, strawberries and pineapple to make them with!  We decided that a kebab made with marshmallows, sweets and chocolate would be unhealthy, “it’s bad for our tummies” and that the fruit kebabs would be “good for us!”
We listened carefully to instructions taking special care with the pointy end of the skewer and placed our favourite fruits on for a delicious snack!
The Little Owls explored shapes to make faces, naming the features they needed and how many of each.  The children have also been really interested in their names and enjoy identifying ‘their letter’ and have even tried writing them.