June 2023

Eagles rounded off their computing unit by evaluating each other's games.    They had worked in small groups to design a catching game in Scratch, exploring the role of variables in programming.  In the final session they had the chance to try other games and feedback, including suggestions for improvements.
Eagles have been studying Light this term in science. We have learnt how to explain, scientifically, how shadows are formed. We then created shadow puppets to explore shadows further.
As part of our Aztecs topic, we have been learning about the health, spiritual and economic benefits of cocoa beans and early forms of chocolate to the Aztec communities. Eagles tasted a range of chocolate during their topic lesson and used advanced vocabulary to accurately describe the differing flavours, mouth feel and texture. Needless to say, the children very much enjoyed the lesson!
Eagles spent an afternoon with Brittany preparing and cooking savoury muffins with cheese. The children worked in groups sharing out the tasks of weighing, measuring, pouring, mixing and beating. The muffins were cooked in cupcake cases and the children were very proud of how they turned out. Thank you Brittany for another great recipe!