March 2024

Eagles are learning about the history of farming in Britain, as part of their history unit. They explored the lives of hunter gatherers and then compared this to farming methods of the Middle Ages and today.
Eagles have been exploring musical 'fusion' where different art forms or musical genres have been combined. We listened to pieces by Tokio Myers and also watched a clip of shadows formed by dancers accompanied music. We then created a storyboard of a shadow performance to music which represented friendship.
Eagles had a fantastic day of workshops with TRESOC (Totnes Renewable Energy Society) following their trip to visit renewable energy sites in and around Totnes. We made lemon batteries, experimented with solar power, had a go at generating hydropower, thought about how renewable energy might look in the parish of Harberton in the future and finally built our own (working!) wind turbines. We would like to say a massive thank you to Sally, Ella and Jem from TRESOC for such a brilliant couple of days!