March 2024

Kestrels have been learning all about their teeth and the teeth of different animals. They discovered that different teeth have different jobs. Finally, they made a copy of their own teeth using clay.
In Kestrels we have been building on our knowledge of chronological order. Earlier this year we placed some events just from one time period onto a timeline, and we have developed this by looking at a much wider variety of time periods, creating our own giant timelines in groups to show all these different time periods!
Kestrels worked with Britt to make homemade burgers.  They practised their cutting skills, chopping onions and salad and then followed the recipe to make and shape their burgers.  After the session they designed health and safety posters for the kitchen.
In DT, the Kestrels have been learning about water wheels. We have been carrying out some experiments using metre sticks, string and buckets for our mechanisms and trying to work out how much weight we could put in the bucket before we needed to add an extra lever to our designs. This will help us think about our final design!