January 2024

The Little Owls developed their listening skills and their gross motor skills in PE with Mr Pearce.  We had to listen really carefully so we knew when to move quickly, slowly or when to freeze!  We also worked really hard on our balancing!
The Little Owls are learning to recognise the number 3, count and identify 3 objects (quickly without counting).  We found lots of groups of 3 objects in our classroom!
The Little Owls had great fun blowing bubbles outside, trying to see if it was cold enough for them to freeze!  We found a huge piece of ice to explore and were excited to find our sand had frozen too!  We talked about how the things had frozen and what we could do to help them thaw out.
The Little Owls had a cooking lesson with Mrs Oldham.  We listened very carefully to instructions to make some sandwiches.  We spread the butter, chose our fillings and some of us even got to mash some eggs to make egg mayonnaise!  We then cut up our sandwiches using a knife.