June 2023

Kestrels had a fantastic session with Kip Pratt on Monday. The children began by learning a memory rhyme. They learnt a Ghanaian song, and Kip introduced instruments so they could play along. Children also revisited a song they learnt last time Kip was here and added the actions. Finally, they learnt a new song, before performing all three. The energy from the children was brilliant. 
This week Kestrels had an opportunity to try out our brand new archery equipment in PE. We had a fantastic time learning how to aim and fire our arrows properly and loved showing off our new found skills with two team games - one where we had to see how many points we could get by hitting the target and one where the whole point of the game was to miss the targets and score points by landing our arrows in the hoops! We can't wait to have another go!
In our new science topic on sound, the children explored vibration, feeling the vibration their own voices made as well as watching sound vibrations cause rice to move on a drum. Using the vibration of tuning forks in water, they were able to watch the water splash as the vibrations hit the water. We headed outside to conduct a sound survey and were amazed by some of the sounds we could hear just from sitting on the field, from birds chirping to chainsaws whirring.