June 2023

We've been looking for Goldilocks! We made maps, disguised ourselves as characters from the story and we have written 'wanted' posters to gather clues!
Owls went on a minibeast hunt. We found so many minibeasts! We looked in different places and thought about which minibeast might live there and why. We looked carefully under, on top and behind things around the outdoors. When we came back to the classroom we drew our favourite minibeast we'd found on our hunt.
This afternoon we learnt how to be safe on the internet.  We thought about what we should do if an advert, message from someone we don’t know or an unexpected video pops when we are playing games.
We've had such a busy week enjoying all sorts of sports! We have been out in some wonderful weather, and experienced some new sports. A highlight for us was the inflatable obstacle course!